The Life That Love Built .. Howdy

Jill of all trades.. Master of none (except maybe the gift of the gab, applying mascara & some fairly OCD organisation skills)

A 1978 baby, Libran, lover of all things pink, Fleetwood Mac & partial to a glass or 5 of a lovely red wine, I am an Australian girl with some Scottish blood thrown in for a stubborn streak. I thrive in warm weather and truly start to wilt by mid winter each year.

I love to write. I myself, have read countless blogs, for pleasure, for research, or when feeling outright hopelessness and looking for answers to pregnancy and children’s concerns.

Sitting in my late 30s, I have found myself in this hectic place, where my days have never been fuller, but there is an underlying serenity as I know that in all this madness that is my life, there is a love that causes it, and holds it together. So, with three pregnancies under my belt, two marriages, small business ownership, management, growing children in three different stages of life, DIY renovations and countless wedding planning and stylings to boot, I thought, why not write about it? Will anyone read this? I’m truly not sure and further more, I’m just happy for this to be my journal, a story of my life and all the love it is filled with.


Making things pretty is kinda my thing, thus my wedding planning & styling business and joining forces with the husband with his painting business, providing interior styling consults. I love to mix old with new, with my husband classifying my style as modern vintage, which can be seen in all my wedding, event and home styling.


Muma to three poppets – Noah, my big boy who is magic with a ball, adores his family & radiates goodness. Holly, my tiny person who is partial to a nap, is quick to laugh & has immeasurable sweetness. Harrison, my baby who is yet to show his colours but showing some serious Jolly Jumper athletic ability and would place the ABC song at top of the charts.


Wife to a young handsome ginger man – Matt, the man I never thought was possible for me to find, strong, dependable who supports my crazy whims and OCD tenancies. Also loves home wares and shopping – I mean really, how lucky can a girl get?!



In my work I style, plan, manage, create, balance & juggle. I believe that if its pink, its better. I believe that behind every hardship is a life lesson that will make you a better person.

I love people as much as I love having time on my own, I love high heels as much as I love my haviannas, I love a party dress as much as I love my Lululemons and I love the hecticness of my life as much as I wish it was quieter. A walking contradiction.

This is my story about my life that love built.




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