Restoring Our Little Lady’s Facade

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Our little cottage is an original post WWII house, complete with timber frames, skinny jarrah floors and asbestos walls. At the end of WWII, the Government found themselves in somewhat of a housing crisis here in Western Australia, with the Doubleview northern corridor being one of the suburbs selected to build homes for our returning soldiers.

Originally, our cottage was on the front of a full sized block, however, at some point, a developer bought two blocks of land side by side, picked up our lady, popped her at the back of one and developed the other, making our original 1948 home unique to its rear location.

I love that in the last 69 years she has seen so much, she homed a returning war hero and his family, she has raised families, listened to children squealing, laughing and their tears, homed moments of sorrow and joy and of course, been a drug house before we rescued her.  Continue reading

How I learnt the true definition of home

When I met my husband, I was just about to move from an in between rental about an hour out of the city and into a teeny tiny rental in Doubleview, a beach side suburb, nice and close to the city. Noah and Holly were just 7 and 4 years old at the time and I was moving to bring us all closer to my work, my family, our friends and make a new start. The timing to meet Matt, who only lived a few minutes away, was uncanny. My first marriage had broken up a couple of years earlier and I was not in the financial position to purchase a home, despite previously owning homes in my marriage… divorce is expensive.

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Our Nursery

When I entered the third trimester, a panic set in, where you realise the baby is coming, sooner rather than later, and perhaps you should buy a few bits and bobs and make a room habitable for a small human.

I suggested to the husband that it was time to build in some walls and turn the somewhat open study into a cosy nursery for our wee man. So, we .. the husband .. got out the carpenter belt and started demolishing and rebuilding. Click to squiz more on this post