The Pause

The universe had a plan for us all and we weren’t listening.

A pause. A thought. A moment.

The voice that is so often shushed began with a whisper, became a conversation and then a strong instrument of change.

We dared to explore the possibilities that we could be different. That there may be another plan, another path, another option.

The pause gave us gratitude.
The pause invoked kindness.
The pause allowed us to explore our souls.

The thought grew wings.
The wings fluttered. Slowly at first.
The wings took flight.

The moment appeared, so quickly one could almost wonder if it existed.
Inquisitive, we wanted to see if it did.
And what it could be.

And so the pause took flight.

The universe had a plan for us all. We weren’t listening.

But now we are.

And now we soar.